Corporate Training

Voxwill is a provider of innovative corporate training courses in diverse fields like Programming, Networking, Information/ Network Security, Database, Operating systems, Testing, Testing tools, Soft-skills, Mobile Technology, Management. We aim to provide your company with a 'one stop shop solution' for your corporate training requirements.

Our training courses combine modern theory with a practical interactive delivery style enabling delegates to take an active part in their ‘learning’ experience. Role plays, business games and facilitated group exercises are used to make the courses fun, challenging and enjoyable.

Our SME's continually update course contents by experience gained from course feedback received from our clients and the Interim Management arena enabling us to keep the training courses fresh, vibrant and representative of best practise throughout industry.

Advantages of Corporate Training

Higher productivity – The organization experiences higher levels of productivity, owing to the training program which will give them all the knowledge they require to be adept at handling their work routines.

Equal opportunity - Corporate Training courses give all employees the same opportunity to have equal knowledge of skills and processes. Corporate Training courses will give the new employee a boost in confidence as they join their new team.

Reduce employee turnover - Corporate training will reduce employee turnover. With new employee corporate training, employees are happier; more motivated, and know what is expected of them.When a new employee does not get the opportunity for corporate training, he will more likely leave the company in frustration.

Edge over competition – Since the employees are better skilled at handling network infrastructure through the training program, one can achieve the business objectives in a better way than before, giving a definitive edge over the competitors as the time to deliver results is shorter and faster.

Higher return on investment – The training program will make employees adept at handling their responsibility, which can result in higher productivity and quicker achievement of business objectives.

Voxwill Training & Program Directory
Software Training Networking Training IT Security Training
C & C++ Networking Engineering CCSP
Engineering(ADSE) MCSE CCSA
C#,.net Frmaework 3.5.WPF,WCF,Sliverlight,AJAX. CCNA CCSE
Share Point 2007 & 2010 CCNP Ethical Hacker
Software Training Networking Training
QTP,Selenium and Load Runner Windows Vista
White Box testing/Junit,Nunit Windows Server 2008
Core Java
Advanced Java
SQL Server 2005/2008
Oracle DBA
Ms Dynamics Navision 2009 Application Track
Ms Dynamics Navision 2009 Development Track
Ms Dynamics Ax 2009 Development Track
Ms Dynamics Ax 2009 Application Track
Integration Of Share point Portal Server With Ms Dynamics ERP