Offshore Staffing

With demand for IT professionals soaring high offshore, Voxwill Technology toss in for rescue. Voxwill Technology is a renowned name in fulfilling offshore companies’ IT manpower needs.

High-quality offshore staffing services are at your reach with Voxwill Technology and various offshore staffing plans include:

  • 360-degree: Companies looking for IT staff on permanent basis. Voxwill Technology can provide professional developers and designers to work for you on full-time basis. If you have problem estimating the exact staff count or other technical planning, our team will assist you.
  • Ameliorate: Companies already have a business plan and looking for staff to take care of certain specific requirements. Voxwill Technology can provide IT experts to get the job well done.
  • Case-to-case: Companies looking for IT professionals well-versed in certain applications and software for specific projects. Voxwill Technology can hire them for you. Once the project is done, you can re-hire them if needed for other projects.

Irrespective of the offshore staffing solutions model you choose, Voxwill Technology robust performance monitoring process gives you complete supervision rights. Monitor your staff’s daily/weekly/monthly performance and interact with them directly through email, VOIP, and Instant messenger.

While you are comfortably sitting in an offshore location, Voxwill Technology team of IT professionals will work for your business objectives and make it a success.

Voxwill Technology Offshore Staffing Steps : You will get the following key benefits by utilizing our offshore staffing services:

  • No employee expenses (PCs, office supplies, space, taxes).
  • No HR expenses.
  • Highly skilled, experienced, world-class software engineers, web developers, QA engineers.
  • Dedicated resources available 24/7
  • Skill sets exactly according to your staffing needs
  • Large pool to select resources

What we provide :

  • Permanent and temporary staffing solutions for offshore software development.
  • Searching, testing, interviewing and hiring candidates.
  • Opportunity to approve all contracting candidates before working on your projects.
  • Computers, network and professional office space for each contracted employee.
  • Complete dedication of the hired contractor to your technical development needs.